Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective

Once considered a rare sighting in Hawaiian waters, these graceful giants are being seen more often than ever. I myself have seen 15  in my year off the Kona coast!  If you are ever blessed with the chance to swim with one, it is an unforgettable experience. They truly are the Gods of the Sea, but we really know very little about them.
The Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective is a small organization comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to the study of population dynamics, ecology, animal behavior and human impact on these animals. They now have a database of over 100 individuals that have been sighted in Hawaii and rely on the public to submit more sightings to track their movements and discover new ones so be on the look out!
Spacefish Army is proud to donate 10% of their profits to this organization to do our small part to protect the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen.
Check out their website to learn more!
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